Community Associations (Condominium, Co-Op & Homeowner Associations [HOAs])

Every community association is unique, and so are their insurance needs.  Some associations are required to cover the buildings and the units, while others only cover the common grounds.  Coverage requirements inside a unit can change from one association to the next.

Board members volunteer their time for the benefit of the association.  However, things do not always go according to plan.  Having a quality Directors & Officers liability policy is critical because “who” and “what” is covered is just as important as the limit of coverage.

If your association has employees, you need more than just Workers’ Compensation insurance.  We will help protect the association from employee related claims.  We tailor insurance programs for every kind of association, matching your specific needs with the appropriate carriers and policies.  Whether your association is a high rise building or a townhouse community, located in the city or in the suburbs, large or small we have the competitive programs that will meet your needs.

Lindsay Insurance Group has been actively involved in the Community Associations Institute (CAI) for over 25 years.  This allows us to keep up to date with the ever-changing and growing community association landscape.  We have published many articles over the years and been invited to address community managers and board members on a variety of insurance topics.

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