“ The Lindsay firm has serviced our communities since  2001, they have always been there when we needed them, their service, knowledge, and support during various market conditions has been excellent, we look forward to a continuing relationship with their fine staff.

Our program contains many types of insurance coverage, the broad base of Companies they represent has been extremely helpful.”

– Insurance Committee

Building Personalized Plans that Reward Your Trust

For more than a quarter century, Lindsay Insurance Group has consistently delivered comprehensive insurance products and caring, personalized service to our clients. We are proud of our reputation and respect in the insurance industry. Our secret? A passion for excellence, and a heartfelt commitment to protecting our fellow citizens.

We have earned the trust and respect of our clients. Now we want to earn yours.

As an independent insurance broker, we bring a competitive advantage to your protection plans:  our ability to tailor specific insurance programs from a wide array of the industry’s leading carriers.  This enhanced access empowers us to design insurance programs that are customized to the specific needs of each and every client we serve. After all, no two organizations are exactly alike, so why should their insurance plans be?

While we have a large presence in the Human Service and Real Estate communities, Lindsay Insurance Group serves the needs of a wide variety of commercial businesses as well as individuals.

Respected Industry Veterans, Trusted Protection Advisors

Our clients look to Lindsay Insurance Group for trusted advice because of our in-depth understanding and knowledge of the insurance industry. In addition, some of today’s leading national insurance carriers consult with us when they want to improve their existing products or develop new programs for the marketplace.  That’s right: we have earned the trust of our clients and our carriers.


Lindsay Insurance Group provides leadership and expertise in several select areas, including:  Human Service, Real Estate, Business and Personal.  We make it our business to keep current with industry trends and changes in all of the sectors we serve.

Lindsay Insurance Group Human Services

Protecting Human Service Organizations is a passion.  We recognize and appreciate that your insurance needs are unlike those of any other enterprise.

Lindsay Insurance Group Real Estate

We have the industry clout and proven expertise to design a custom insurance program tailored for habitational and commercial real estate risks of all sizes.

Lindsay Insurance Group Business

From manufacturing to contracting, wholesale to retail, you work hard to keep your business successful.  We can help protect the future of your business.


Lindsay Insurance Group Personal

As your lifestyle changes, so do your insurance needs.  We will help you navigate the insurance solutions necessary to protect you and your family.


Lindsay Insurance Group provides you with the latest information in the insurance industry.  Please check in regularly to find out what is new and to read our views on a variety of insurance topics.

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This glossary of insurance terms and definitions are commonly used in the insurance business.  The definitions in this glossary are developed by the NAIC Research and Actuarial Department based on various insurance references.